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All Day Rides with Mystic Saddle Ranch
Sawtooth Wilderness, Stanley, Idaho


Alpine Lake Day Ride

The Alpine Lake All Day Ride is a great way to have the best of all worlds. Start your day with a leisurely breakfast at the world famous Redfish Lake Lodge.  From here you will catch the  boat  across Big Redfish Lake to meet your horses on the far side of the lake.  Meet your horse and wrangler, mount up and ride along a cascading stream  as you ride to Alpine Lake.  Enjoy your box lunch as you soak up this pristine mountain lake.  Get back on your horses for the ride back to the boat where you will return to Redfish Lake Lodge for dinner. This is a great trail for intermediate riders.

$205.00 + tax per person.
Minimum of 6 people required to do this trip.  
Give us a call, we may be able to combine groups.

Marshall Lake Day Ride 

Enjoy this beautiful ride with views of Redfish Lake, mountain meadows and the  Sawtooth Mountains. Marshall Lake is a small lake nestled under Williams Peak and has fishing available for the angler. Upper Marshall Lake can be hiked to during your lunch break. Upper Marshall is one of the lakes that take a little effort to get to but well worth it.  Your have time at the lake to really get a feel for being in the Wilderness with breathtaking views and a spectacular lake. This ride is perfect for beginners and intermediate riders.

$134/person + tax
Minimum of 4 people to do this trip
Give us a call! We may be able to combine groups!

Sawtooth Lake Day Ride

About a 5 mile ride one way to one of the most beautiful high mountain lakes in the Sawtooth range. The last mile between Alpine Lake and Sawtooth Lake is not for the faint at heart, with steep switchbacks reaching up the mountain side to deliver you to the hanging valley of Sawtooth Lake. Meet us at the trailhead at Iron Creek Campground, 4 miles out of Stanley on Highway 21. This trail is great for intermediate riders.

$134/person + tax
Minimum of 4 people to do this trip
Give us a call! We may be able to combine groups!

Hell Roaring Lake Day Ride

5 miles ride each way. Our easiest ride through wooded terrain to Hell Roaring Lake which is beautiful and pristine. The trail takes you through lodgepole pine forest and along the spectacular Hell Roaring Creek. The trail takes you to Hell Roaring lake which is gorgeous and nestled below majestic Sawtooth peaks. This ride is great for beginners as it has little elevation gain and easy terrain. The. Trailhead at Decker Flat Road, 15 miles south of Stanley on Highway 75.

$134/person + tax
Minimumm of 4 people to do this trip
Give us a call! We may be able to combine groups!

Alice Lake Day Ride

6.5 miles one way. Probably our most spectacular ride and our most challenging. Spectacular views, mountain meadows, high mountain lakes and a real memory maker. This trail has several creek crossings and provides amazing views the whole way. Trailhead at Pettit Lake, 18 miles south of Stanley on Highway 75. This ride is great for intermediate and more experienced riders. 

$134.00/person + tax
Minimum of 4 people to do this trip
Give us a call! We may be able to combine groups!
Recommended for ages 8 years and older

Bench Lakes Day Ride

4 miles one way. Bench Lakes ride leaves from the corral ascending the north morainal ridge above Redfish Lake to the Bench Lake turnoff. You then enter the Sawtooth Wilderness as you continue to climb the open-faced ridge providing great views of Heyburn Peak, Grand Mogul, the White Cloud Mtns., and the upper end of the Sawtooth Valley. Bench Lake is a series of five lakes; our destination is the largest of the five, which is the second lake. We take time to get off the horse, enjoy, and photograph the amazing clarity of this lake, reflecting back the grandeur of Heyburn Peak. Time for fishing, play time, and lunch before we return to our horses. The return journey takes us through the Douglas Fir and Lodge pole Pine ecosystems. Watch the boats go by on Redfish Lake below or keep an eye out for Osprey as they catch the uplifting winds. This ride is perfect for beginners and those who want to spend the most time at the lake as possible. 

$134.00/person + tax.
Minimum of 4 people to do this trip 
Give us a call! we may be able to combine groups!

Day Ride Gear

Plan to wear long pants, bring a jacket, water bottle, camera, and good hat and or sunscreen. If you want to fish, please plan to have that ready to put on the horse the day of the ride. We’ll provide lunch for you.

We are recreation service partners with the U.S. Forest Service operating with a special use permit in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area & Salmon Challis National Forest. We are licensed and bonded outfitters and guides under license by the Idaho Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board.

NOTE:  Because of safety, we do not allow double riding, children must be 6 years old to ride and maximum weight is 250 pounds.

Please arrive at ride locations 30 min. before your ride time.

Don't forget: sunscreen, hats, waiver, & cameras.

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